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Volleyball Manager Magnet | Volleyball Manager Gifts


Your team manager deserves a huge thank you for keeping up with the needs of the team this season!  Let them know you couldn’t have done it with out them when you serve up a volleyball manager magnet!

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The word "MANAGER" is automatically included on the magnet.
Updating your quantity below will allow you to add all of your managers at once. Enter your quantity then click or tap outside the quantity box (don't press enter) and more manager name boxes will appear.


Serve Up An Epic Volleyball Manager Magnet

Acknowledge all the help your volleyball team manager has offered this season!  Personalize a volleyball manager magnet for their locker so they feel like one of the team!

These magnets sport some incredible highlights.  Resilient aluminum metal is used to create each disc.  A sublimation process creates the images and personalization.  Each comes with its own volleyball packaging. Choose to modify the design with the manager’s name, team name, and year.  Finish your magnet with choice of 2 team colors.  (Word “MANAGER” is always included in the magnet design.)

View the entire team manager gift lineup and order for your banquet now!  Make the team gift’s match when you order the volleyball player and coach magnets as well.  


Volleyball Magnet Stats for Managers

Your manager magnet roundup:

  • 2.25″ both width and length
  • sublimated images
  • aluminum material
  • attach to high school locker with magnet on backside
  • color chart shows available colors, choose 2
  • available personalization options consist of adding your manager’s team, name, and year
  • word “MANAGER” will always be included on each magnet automatically
  • volleyball and net image are in the backdrop of the magnet
  • recommend giving as manager gifts at the end of the season
  • By offering you the ability to choose team colors we must reserve the ability to change the accent colors, text colors, and outline colors in order to make sure nothing blends in.  Black, white, and gray colors will be utilized depending upon the team colors your choose.


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