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Softball Towel | Softball Cooling Towel


Psych-out the competition with a uniform look to your sideline!  This cooling softball towel makes a great sideline accessory for every player on your softball team!

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(the longer of your two lines may print with slightly smaller letters to make the lines about the same length - see pictures; either line can be longer)
Updating your quantity below will open more player name and number boxes above. This will allow you to enter all of your players at once and add them to your cart together. Enter your quantity then click or tap outside the quantity box (don't press enter) and more player boxes will appear. Please note that the personalization for Line 1 and Line 2 in the middle of the towel will be the same for all items ordered when using this feature. If you would like different personalization for each towel in the middle, please add each towel one at a time to your cart.


Softball Towels for Teams

Upgrade the look of your high school sideline with these softball towel accessories for players! Keep the team cool and sweat free with these lightweight cooling towels.  These are great softball team gifts for season opener, senior night, or softball banquets!  Don’t forget to personalize one for coach!

  • polyester fabric
  • dimensions are 36 inches long by 12 inches wide making these the perfect length to hang over your neck
  • features a slight waffle weave texture that can be seen on the close up picture
  • softball team towels are white and dyed via sublimation process
  • each towel will be blank on the back
  • customize the design with your teams colors (choose from 20+)
  • small black accents appear in the background of the towel, view detailed pictures that call them out for your convenience
  • personalized softball cooling towels will have both ends printed that same with a name and jersey number
  • includes a two line message (one word each line) in the center of the towel; (the longer of your two lines may be printed with smaller letters to fit the design as seen in the picture, you may choose either line to be the longest)
  • It is possible that your team color combination will require us to change the accent, text and outline colors for the personalization. This may be required in order to assure that your text stands out on the design.  All outlines, text, and accents will vary as either white, black, or gray to optimize your towel design.


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