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Softball Bag Tags | Gifts for Softball Players


High school softball players have spoken!  These softball bag tags are a favorite among teen athletes!  Outfit your team for the season with some bag swag to show their rivals they mean business!

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Softball Bag Tags to Dominate Your Rivals

Ready your team to stand out amidst their challengers with some cool new swag on their softball bag! These softball bag tags make phenomenal team gift plans and even allow your players to immediately track down their bag in the team stash!

Metal aluminum item material, along with sublimated images and personalization, make these bag tags an instant score with your softball team! Dog tag shape makes these a teen friendly bag tag option for high school teams! Showcased background image shows a genuine softball and field. These can quickly be connected to a softball backpack or sports bag with the integrated ball chain.

To start, begin with your group colors from our chart. You can add 3 text fields on side 2 or choose to have the same image as side 1.  Utilize these fields to add your own wording such as group name, school year, division title, or potentially even info to get in touch incase your bag is misplaced. Finish off your design with player names and numbers.

Give your team the gift of quickly distinguishing between each others bags and let them showcase their team spirit with these extraordinary softball team gifts as they storm the diamond this season! Awesome gift choice for a softball player as well as softball teams! Get your gifts ready for production now and get ready for an epic softball banquet or senior night! Get your classmates ready to cheer on the team this season! 


Get the Lowdown on Your Softball Tags

Softball sports bag tags show off:

  • all softball dog tags have relative measurements of about 1-7/8 in. long by 1-1/8 in. wide
  • produced from hardy lightweight aluminum
  • 4 inch ball chain is supplied to easily latch it on to a softball gear bag
  • a real softball and field photo is depicted on the tag
  • tag is dual sided with a separate design on each side or choose to have the same design on both
  • make your image distinct on side 1 by including a player name and jersey number
  • include 3 short lines of text on side 2 along with a player name and jersey number or opt to have the same image as side 1
  • incorporate team colors into your scheme when you pick out 3 team colors from our color outline
  • each tag is bundled individually as seen in the product packaging photos
  • Please remember that all phrasing and accent colors might differ from those seen in the example as a result of the team colors that you have. Phrasing and accent colors will be either black, white, or gray depending on which looks best with your team colors.


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