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Football Manager Keychain | Football Manager Gifts


Gifts made just for sports team managers!  This football manager keychain makes the perfect thank you gift for high school team managers.  Make sure they feel like they are part of the team!

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Manager abbreviation "MGR" is automatically included.
Updating your quantity below will open additional personalization boxes above to add more manager names for Side 1. Simply enter your quantity then click or tap outside the quantity box (don't press enter) and more Side 1 name boxes will appear above. You may enter all of your manager names here and add everything to your cart at once. Please note that the personalization for Side 2 and the inside will be the same for all items ordered when using this feature. If you would like different messages on Side 2 and/or the inside of the keychain, please add each keychain one at a time to your cart.


Touchdown Gift Football Manager Keychain

Your team manager has worked hard to make your season possible!  Thank them with a football manager keychain.  These make awesome thank you gifts for high school football team managers!

Manager keychains are modeled after our player keychains and are designed to match the rest of the team, while still being manager specific.

Each keychain will automatically have the manager abbreviation “MGR” included on side 1.  Personalize each keychain with a manager’s name, and up to two more messages on side 2 or inside lanyard loop. Ideas for personalization include thank you messages, team mottos, or special season milestones.  Choose a lanyard color from our color chart to complete your gift.

Quality features include a real leather accent connecting the hardware and lanyard.  Sublimation is used to make your design and personalization permanent.  Manager packaging completes your gift.

Show your appreciation this season with the best football manager gifts!  Check out the whole lineup of football manager game gifts.  


Sports Lanyard Recap

Featured stats for your football keychain:

  • length of 6.75″
  • 5″ lanyard strap
  • key ring is 1″ and lays flat
  • manager abbreviation of “MGR” included on side 1
  • black leather tab accent connects hardware
  • sublimation applied design and text
  • each football team manager gift arrives individually packaged in manager themed packaging
  • include your manager’s name on side 1 and choice of text on side 2 and inside lanyard
  • handmade keychain may contain minor misalignments which is normal for goods made by hand
  • choose a lanyard color


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