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Cheer Magnet Locker Decor | Gift Ideas for Squad


Every cheerleader’s locker will certainly be a cheer deserving display with these fabulous cheer magnets! These individualized magnets make phenomenal squad gifts for numerous high events as well as end of season gifts!

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Customize Remarkable Cheer Magnets for a Brand-New Season

Grab your cheer magnets to get the squad and the school hyped for a new season or to celebrate the end of a champion season!  These cheerleading locker decorations are a sure winner among your squad!

Extraordinary sublimation style allow you to embellish these magnets for every cheerleader on the squad and also incorporate team colors. First, choose your two team shades from our color table. Afterwards, enter your team’s name as well as this season’s school year. Then input each squad members name.

The highlights of these magnets are infamous! A long lasting sublimated design style is put on a rounded light-weight aluminum disc. The background image flaunts a real cheer pom pom photo.

Give an upgrade to your squad’s lockers this year with these cheer squad gift ideas! Suitable for cheer end of season gifts or motivational gifts for the brand-new season!

Allow the squad to buzz up their schoolmates with their new bling! Get the entire school talking about the  brand-new season!


Cheer Locker Decor Magnet Options

Cheer magnet choices:

  • 2.25 inch aluminum round disc
  • picture as well as customization is sublimated
  • magnet on back end
  • each magnet includes “CHEER” on the right side of the layout as portrayed
  • go with your 2 team color options from the color table
  • your personalization choice of name, group/team name, as well as year to add to the layout
  • the picture consists of a genuine image of cheerleading pom poms in the background
  • ideal style for any sort of sports locker or high school corridor locker
  • fantastic cheer locker decor to give as end of season gifts for squad members
  • Be aware that  all wording and accent colors may have to undergo color changes from what is pictured in order for the design to be compatible with your teams colors.  Wording and accent colors will be either black, white, or gray. These colors will be chosen based upon which would look best with your team’s colors to assure all items stand out.


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