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Baseball Zipper Bag Tags | End of Season Baseball Gifts


Bling out your baseball team with personalized baseball tags for bags.  Easily identify every player’s sports bag or backpack.  Great gifts for senior night, baseball banquets, award ceremonies, or end of season!

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Cool and Subtle Baseball Zipper Bag Tags

Give the team some bling for their sports bags for their next senior night, banquet, or end of season ceremony.  These real leather baseball zipper bag tags for baseball bags make great personalized team gifts.  

Real leather baseball zipper pulls can be attached to sports bags, backpacks, and even zip up sweatshirts!  They make a great subtle way to tell each baseball player’s bag apart.  

Personalize each baseball tag with a jersey number for each baseball player.  These make a great keepsake for the season and can be easily stored in a baseball memory box after graduation (trophies and posters can be big and harder to store.)

Give the team some of their own personalized baseball gift merch this season!


Stats for Your Baseball Bag Tags

Home run stats for your sports bag tags:

  • customize each bag tag with a jersey number
  • packaged on a card in a clear resealable bag 
  • approximately 2.5″ long and 1/2″ wide
  • soft genuine real leather
  • soft sueded back
  • attach to zipper with .5″ key rings


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