" We are completely obsessed with bringing sports teams and high school athletes gift gear they are totally hyped about! "

~Brittany Alexandria, Latest Lineups Team Owner Tweet


My name is Brittany Alexandria, owner and sports designer at Latest Lineups. 

What We Do…

Latest Lineups designs sports gifts and apparel exclusively for high school sports teams and athletes.  Our focus on teenage athletes and high school teams allows us to design gifts and apparel using the trending themes that teens are obsessed with right now!  Because we cater to high school athletes, we also create sports items for popular high school occasions such as Homecoming, Senior Night, Sports Banquets, Prom, and Graduation. 

Our Story…

With three kids in sports, I was always looking for sports gifts to remember their season or apparel to express their passion for their sport.  As my kids got older, I was surprised to find that while there were many retailers that provided sports gifts, there seemed to be none that focused exclusively on the teenage crowd or high school sports teams.  I found this to be surprising because high school sports is a large part of high school for so many teens.  Many teens define themselves and their high school career by the sports they play. 

Since I was unable to find gifts for high school athletes, I began to make my own sports gifts for my kids for all of their special occasions.  The idea to create Latest Lineups began at my daughter birthday party.  She opened one of the softball gifts I made her and her friends were instantly obsessed!  They each began writing down their birthdays and asking me to make one for them!  Ultimately this led to a year long planning spree ending with the creation of Latest Lineups in early 2020. 

Our Drive to Support High School Athletes…

The road to forming Latest Lineups wasn’t always easy.  I opening in early 2020 right before the pandemic hit.  Two weeks later I found myself homeschooling three kids, all high schools were closed, and high school sports were cancelled.  Even my daughter’s softball season was officially cancelled.  Aside from having to add teacher to my list of many job titles, my material suppliers began shutting down and even going out of business.  While all of this should have made me give up, it instead made me want to keep going even more. I knew that there were millions of teens out there who had just lost their sports season.  I had to push on and make this a reality for them, whatever it took.  They weren’t giving up on their dreams and neither would I. 

Gifts Worthy of a Championship Athlete…

Supporting high school athletes and setting the trends for sports team gifts is truly an honor!  At Latest Lineups we know teen athletes and we know the current trends they can’t get enough of!  Find out why teens are getting hooked on Latest Lineups sports gifts and apparel.